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  • Famous 1980s pop song phone number.
  • Get your event ready for some Custom Neon.
  • Early Liverpool, if you know what I mean.
  • What we like about playing for you.
  • This '70s rock classic is quite all right.
  • Get a bit closer with a fab ballad from Liverpool.
  • Taking care of the music for your event is our biz.
  • Whip your event into shape with this quirky '80s tune.
  • Doors in the  21st century too.
    Sample song performances by Custom Neon.       Song copyrights held by respective owners.

Video clips from Davis Community TV's Nexus stage

A pleasing tune by that fabulous band from Liverpool.

A song about a cool lady in a black dress.

This rockin' tune is about wise choices with authority .

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